Sunday, July 27, 2008

Show 004

This weeks show featured an interview with Furthermore Brewmaster Aran Madden. Aran talked with us about his unconventional beers, his unconventional brewing set up, and his brewery's "ready, fire! aim" attitude. Follow the link below to listen to the show:

Show 004.mp3 - Beer Talk Today

This weeks question: which Furthermore beer is your favorite? Vote in the poll on the side or comment on this post and tell us what you think.

For those of you who wish to download rather than stream the show, go here Look under the track list and click on "free download" next to Show 004.



Nevin said...

Can you please post the show someplace else besides imeem? It requires itunes to download.

Matt Lange said...

Sure thing Nevin. We used imeem because it was easier than to simply listen to the show right on the blog post, but I can upload it to last as well if that's an easier place to download from.