Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Part one of our big show on contract brewing, discussing the perceptions and myths surrounding contract brewed beers, the pros and cons of a contract set up and who contract brews, including a favorite local brewery who, unbeknownst to the general public, is contract brewing a large portion of their beer elsewhere. More on that brewery in part two of this weeks podcast.

Here's the mp3


platytune said...

Hey Guys- I only caught part of the show last night, you were tasting the new Leine's 1888 Bock and mentioned that a taste-test comparison between it and the Big Butt Doppel might be in order.

I happened to be in Chippewa last Nov. and I'm pretty sure they told us on the brewery tour that Big Butt has been retired/ replaced by 1888. A quick check of the website just now gave no mention that the doppel ever even existed.

Ah well.


Matt Lange said...

You're right, no mention of the Big Butt on their site at all. Thanks for the tip.